1) I never played an instrument. Will I be able to follow the content?

For sure! Classes are simple and straightforward, with practical examples and no exclusively musical language.


2) What is the value of the investment in the course?

The full course costs USD $ 189 in English and BRL $ 597 in Portuguese.


3) How long will I have to take classes?

You will have access to content and classes for 2 years. At the end of this time, if you wish, there will be the possibility of renewal with an exceptional payment condition.


4) Is it a course for beginners only?

No! The complete course has 2 modules. The first teaches how to play the harmonica from the beginning and the second improves your skills with more elaborate techniques, in the style and feeling of Indiara Sfair.


5) Do classes have a fixed schedule?

No, you can access classes whenever you want, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You determine your pace of study.


6) Do I need a computer to take classes?

Any device connected to the internet allows you to access classes: computer, tablet and even your cell phone. Wherever you are, you will be able to study and practice.


7) How do classes work?

The website is a streaming style tool. You access the content as if it were a “Netflix” and follow the lessons according to your evolution. You can attend each class as many times as you need, go back and repeat each explanation, if necessary.

The Harmoniclass platform also have an exclusive tool, the Harplayer, for the practice of exercises, both elaborated in class, as well as extra exercises where you can control their speed, play in a loop (repetition), accompanied by guitar and harmonica from Indiara. You can listen to both together or select only the sound you want


8) Is there a minimum age to start?

As long as they can communicate, read and understand some basic commands to accompany classes, children and teenagers can also start studying harmonica by Harmoniclass.


9) Will I be able to learn other songs besides those taught in class?

No doubt! You will learn to understand the harmonica language, train your ears and read the tabs to learn any song you want


10) Is the payment secure?

Super! We chose Paypal, a worldwide platform for online payments, very reliable and renowned, and that's where you'll make the payment.


11) What classes will be in which language?

The course was recorded twice: once in Portuguese (which is Indiara's native language ) and in English, to serve other countries in the world, therefore, there are two purchase options. You must select your language before purchasing (stay tuned for this detail, as it is not possible to change later)


12) Which harmonica should I use?

We recommend and use during all lessons the diatonic in C key.


Any questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact our support before making your purchase:



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