In this class we will take another step towards the development of the bends, we will start to practice one of the bends of hole 3. It is the hole with the most bends on the harmonica. We use each of them in different scales, to obtain different sounds and, depending on the music, we use one or the other. So it is interesting to study the bend with a song that you already know the melody, so it is easier to see whether you are playing the right or wrong note. As an extra lesson for this class, we put a song that we saw in module 1, but now, a version with BENDS. You will probably notice that if the bends are out of tune, the music will sound strange. Remember that you can rely on the bend reference in the Harplayer. Other features for bend tuning are: using another instrument or even a tuner, to let you know if you're playing the note in tune.


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