In this class you will learn a new style of blues, The Boogie Woogie. In fact, it is nothing new, it is very old and was originally played on the piano, with a very interesting rhythmic balance between the two hands. The sound is full of rhythm and balance, inspiring bold dance moves. It became popular in the US between the 30s and 40s, immortalized by artists like Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. These comrades made The Boogie's balance into fertile soil for the style that would follow, Rock and Roll. In this lesson we reinforce the importance of studying the extra lessons. Playing an instrument takes time and dedication. Every artist that you admire, has already been exactly where you are now. So all this extra material is available for you to be able to practice and gradually progress, without wasting time, so you can get to your sound as soon as possible, as well as the sounds of the artists you admire. "Sometimes you have to play for a long time to sound like yourself."


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